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Saturday, March 14, 2009
Online Retailing Weathers the Economic Storm (Part 2 of 2)

Online retailers also reported high conversion rates and profits despite the many challenges that may lie ahead. The study revealed that the biggest challenges many of these businesses face is being able to sell across channels including web stores and catalogs.

That does not mean that online retailers are not struggling. Some retailers are fighting to increase sales by integrating their entire operating system, marketing and merchandising efforts to work across channels.

Online media buying is in demand since many businesses are also opting to operate their offline and online businesses as completely different entities. And 51 percent of the survey participants say that their online customers are actively pursuing at least one other retail channel.
Still, the majority of online retailers remains "cautiously optimistic" about the next 12 months.  Online retailers know that there is no room for error in terms of what they need to deliver. A "quality web experience" is more important than ever, and certainly consumers, retailers and all of us will be watching closely this season.

Posted at 05:14 am by Peter Koeppel

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