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Friday, September 04, 2009
P&G's New Advertising Campaign Targets Men

P&G Wants Men to Feel Pretty Too

Or at least to be more concerned with their physical appearance. Proctor & Gamble Co. is overhauling its beauty and grooming division to put the spotlight on a sector that isn't usually targeted for that industry men.

P&G produces Gillette razors, which are popular among men, but most of its other products have focused, until now, exclusively on women.

The idea behind the new advertising campaign is to focus on salons and spas that cater to both sexes, getting the P&G brands into men's hands at the sources where they're most likely to be thinking about investing in their personal appearance.

P&G's new advertising campaign may not work out as well as they hope. One of the impetuses behind involving men in their beauty and grooming division was the slowing sales to women. As the economy falls, women spend less money on discretionary items and more money on the basics.

If men are making the same cutbacks, sacrificing their personal items to their dwindling budgets, this beauty campaign could turn ugly fast.

Posted at 05:11 pm by Peter Koeppel

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