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Sunday, November 22, 2009
Wal-Mart Turns Up the Power on Marketing

Wal-Mart has been one of the companies to benefit from the recession.

As more consumers look for budget-friendly replacements for their pricey expenditures, Wal-Mart became a good place to look for a deal. The same qualities that made Wal-Mart a haven for the lower-income bracket were now the same qualities that middle- and even upper-income bracket Americans were looking for as the recession emptied their bank accounts.

They may have gotten a good boost as Americans began to worry more about their pocketbooks than their pride, but Wal-Mart isn’t resting on its laurels. As there are rumors the recession is beginning to turn a corner, they’re worried about holding on to that new class of customers who may once again turn up their noses at a bargain if it’s still wrapped in lower-class packaging.

To that end, Wal-Mart is starting to appeal to the sentimentalist in its consumers. Its new campaign is built around the tagline, “Save money. Live better” and it’s designed to appeal to those consumers who are grateful Wal-Mart helped them survive tough times.

They’re not counting on gratitude to hold on to everyone, though. Wal-Mart is also taking steps to look less like a discount warehouse and more like a quality chain, widening its aisles, altering the way it presents goods and products and going for a more upscale feel to its branding. We’ll see if consumers are willing to embrace the idea of a chic bargain basement when they’re back in the black.

Posted at 04:37 pm by Peter Koeppel

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