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Saturday, February 20, 2010
Mobile Device Usage:Text Messaging and Advertising

It seems like everyone’s got a cell phone these days, but many of them, especially older users, have only been using it the way they used to use their land line.

If they needed to make a call or receive one, they picked up the phone. Otherwise, they left the device alone. It might as well have been still attached to a cord in the kitchen hallway.

A new survey shows that trend is starting to shift. Adults who have a mobile device are using it for a variety of different reasons, the most popular being text messaging, with a rise of 38% from last year, for a total of 51% of adult users. They are also using their phones to send picture messages, send, check and receive email, access the Internet, and listen to music.

We’re accustomed to thinking of younger users making regular use of those features – often more frequently than they use their mobile device as a phone – but for adults, the trend is definitely rising.

Younger users are still twice as likely to use those additional features than adults, particularly when it comes to text messaging. They’re also far more likely to use it for social networking, playing music, and playing games.

For drtv advertisers trying to reach an older demographic through their mobile devices, they may have just found out there are more options than they had previously thought available. 

Posted at 05:41 am by Peter Koeppel

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