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Sunday, December 12, 2010
Hulu Invites Users To Pay For More, and Portable TV

Hulu, the popular website featuring free streaming of popular television shows and movies, has announced a new paid subscription plan which gives premium content over-and-above its free streams.

The premium content includes commercial-free streaming, the ability to download to mobile devices, and even the ability to put the shows on a television rather than a computer screen.

This puts Hulu directly in competition with some cable television providers that are planning similar services.

The service, called Hulu Plus, is initially available only to invited subscribers. It's primary draw so far has been its larger catalog of older, off-air shows as well as full catalogues of current shows which are on-air and haven't gone to DVD.

The new service also gives access to Hulu content on Apple's iPhone and iPad devices as well as on home television screens through some Internet-connected TVs, video game consoles, and Blu-Ray players.

Stakeholders in Hulu, which include NBC Universal, Disney, and News Corp, are cooperating through the service to offer content. New online services from some cable television companies such as Comcast Corp, are being planned that will directly compete with Hulu.

No exclusivity contracts exist with Hulu's primary stakeholders, so their content may appear on other networks. Hulu is, however, the first to offer the "TV everywhere" type service in this new space and with a large backing from content providers.

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