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Thursday, January 20, 2011
Google TV latest gamble:Network Programming in the Cloud

Google, Inc. announced its latest offering: Major network programming in the cloud.

Google TV, as it is being referred to, promises to bridge the gap between television and the web. Industry insiders say that this newest offering is a hard sell, although very intriguing. Sold as a set-top device, Google TV is designed to port multiple media content into a sleek and intuitive interface.

Sony and Logitech have launched two Google TV-friendly devices to lackluster sales. The troubles don’t end there. Competing products offered by Apple and Microsoft threaten to swipe potential users and flood a young market.

Google TV is more than just a way to watch television on the web. Google hopes to distinguish itself as the premier content portal for the web by allowing users to watch media from anywhere across the Internet. This would include media placed on sites such as You Tube and Hulu.

Courting multimedia giants such as Viacom and Disney has been difficult. Corporate-generated media seems right at home on the new device, but the lack of a cohesive business plan is keeping big investors at bay.

The blame doesn’t rest in Google’s lap alone. Many experts are attributing poor investor response to the ambiguous, mysterious nature of the cloud. With over 70 billion dollars’ worth of TV ad budget up for grabs, the web television market promises to be the next big boom. Google’s gamble for the biggest piece of the pie just may pay off.

Posted at 06:27 am by Peter Koeppel

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